NDT Inspection

Dye Penetrant Testing & Magnetic Particle Testing for Industry

Chemtall offers high-tech eco-friendly products for fast and safe detection. They have a comprehensive range of NDT products including;

  1. The dye penetrant inspection (DPI) products are ARDROX®, Britemor® and Checkmor® comprising of
  • fluorescent/water-washable penetrants (oil-based, surfactant-based and water-based)
  • fluorescent/post-emulsifiable penetrants
  • colour-contrast penetrants
  • penetrant removers
  • developers
  1. The magnetic particle inspection (MPI) products are ARDROX®, Lumor® and Supramor® comprising
  • fluorescent magnetic inks
  • black magnetic inks and white contrast paints
  • carrier oils

These well-known products are low in odour and characterised by a high wetting ability, can be easily washed off and have excellent sensitivity and background characteristics.

If you’re looking for inspection equipment to go with your inspection technique, please click the link for the Labino UV Inspection

Get in touch to get more information about the Chemtall product range or consult with our NDT specialist.