Laboratory Furnaces & Ovens  – Excellent Temperature Uniformity and Ease of Use

Labquip supply and support a very wide range of laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces. These range from 30 °C to 3000 °C and our prinary technology is sourced from leading heating manufacturer Carbolite Gero.

Figure 1: Annealing crucibles in a Carbolite Gero Furnance

Carbolite Gero has been building quality furnaces for customers around the globe for the last eighty years. They produce a range of laboratory ovens for routine lab applications with maximum operating temperatures up to 700°C. The Carbolite laboratory oven provides excellent temperature uniformity and complies with safety standard BS EN 61010-2-010:2003.

For applications such as ashing and annealing, Carbolite Gero also offer a range of chamber furnaces with operating temperatures up to a maximum of 1800 °C. Whether you need a small bench-mounted affordable solution or a high-temperature furnace built to the highest quality, Carbolite Gero has a model that is sure to meet your requirements. These typically range from the entry-level ELF models at 1100°C through to the laboratory sized HTF model with a maximum temperature of 1800°C.

Options also include furnaces for highly specialised applications, including vacuum, inert and reactive gas technology, reaching a maximum temperature of 3000 °C.

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