Specialist UV Light Inspection Lamps

Florescent penetrant under Labino UV inspection light

Labino is a Swedish company manufacturing specialist & consistent 365nm UV-A inspection lights (long lasting LED). Labino inspection lights are battery and/or mains powered handheld inspection torches or overhead UV systems (GX Orion).

Labino products are used in applications for:

• Industrial leak detection
• Visual UV inspections
• Magnetic particle Inspection (MPI)
• Dye penetrant inspection (DPI)
• UV-A fluorescence of stainless steel riboflavin testing for testing of Clean in Place (CIP) spray patterns with riboflavin
• Art verification & restoration
• Forensic & crime investigation
• SmartWater™ security detection
• High quality white light inspection torches

Quality Highlights

• Designed and proven field usage with penetrant resistant housings and Ingress Protection 68 (IP68 = waterproof) and explosive atmospheres (EX) options.
• Renowned large even and smooth beam profile.
• Recommended lights comply with ASTM E3022-2015, ASTM E3022-2018, ISO 3059-12, Rolls-Royce RRES 90061, Airbus AITM6-1001 as well as with several other industrial requirements.
• There is no need for spare bulbs as Labino lights are a complete UV-A LED system (not a LED bulb) with sufficient cooling fins.
• Labino lights are built to last.
• 4 year warranty on Hercules EX (ATEX certified for Group II, Zone II Zone II), Zero LEDs failures from day of launch, 6 years ago
• 2 to 4 years warranty on all UV inspection torches.
• 4 years warranty on stationary overhead lights (GX Orion & Cosmos).
• 4 years warranty on Apollo 3.0 light meters (provided authorised Labino annual calibration at Labquip)
• All Labino UV lamps include a manufactures Certificate of Conformity and a test report.

In addition, Labino manufacturer Apollo 3.0 radiometer/photometer for accurate measurement of UV and visible light.  Apollo 3.0 is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is in compliance with ISO 3059-12. A specialist UV and white light optimised calibrations is available from Labquip mirroring Labino’s specialist ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Handheld models include: BB – BigBeam Helios & Ikaros, Aetemis, MB Zeus, Hermes, Selene, Atlas, Herculus Ex, UVG3 2.0, UVG5, MPXL models.

Workbench mount models include: BB – BigBeam Helios & Ikaros, Aetemis.

Headtorch model: UVG5 2.0

Overhead bench light model: GX Orion & Cosmos

If you have any questions on Labino UV inspections lights or light meters please contact us. Labquip can demonstrate and recommend a Labino product for your application.

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