Labquip supplies and supports tensile testers from AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration.

AMETEK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Force Measurements Instrument and Labquip stock two popular brands; Chatillon and LLOYD.

These are dedicated tensile testers for testing the tensile strength of a wide range of materials such as plastic, rubber, paper, textile, yarn and wire. Tensile testers come in a variety of force and price ranges, according to quality control needs.

Chatillon force measurement instruments have earned their reputation for quality, reliability, accuracy and ease of use since 1835. The Chatillon powerful, yet user-friendly gauges are designed for either handheld or test stand mounting.

The LLOYD range of digital tensile tester machines can measure tensile strength up to 150kN, and are equipped with a library of pre-programmed tensile test setups.

In addition, the advanced analysis software will display test results in easy to read graphics and can export to Excel or RS232.

With the right accessories it is possible to use the same tensile tester to measure tension. LLOYD tensile testers can go from measuring small workpieces at low force ranges to heavy-duty workpieces up to 150 kN by adding the proper load cell and set of grips. In addition the universal tensile tester can complete additional test types such as compression testing.