Digital force gauges

Chatillon digital force gauges are user friendly, designed with both handheld use and test stand mounting options. Chatillon mechanical force gauges offer high precision compression (push) & tensile (pull) testing at an extremely economical cost on a wide variety of applications.

Digital force Gauges

Choose from either the DFE II, DFs II or DFX II:

DFE II – From 2 lbf to 500 lbf / 10 N to 2500 N

The DFE II Series is a compact, easy-to-use force gauge, designed for economy applications without compromising functionality. The DFE II features an integral load cell with a measurement accuracy better than ±0.25% FS, and has analog, USB and RS232 serial communication.

DFS II – From 0.5 to 500 lbf / 2.5 to 2500 N

The DFS II Series offers the best price-performance and the most popular digital force gauge. This compact, easy-to-use force gauge is designed for basic and complex applications. The DFS II may be equipped with integral load cells or smart remote sensors for load measurement or torque measurement. Measurement accuracy is better than 0.1% full scale in integral load cell or dedicated remote models.  Labquip stocks this model and can offer you next day delivery for Ireland and Northern Ireland.

DFX II – Four models to choose from 10 to 200 lbf / 50 to 1000 N

The DFX II Series is a cost effective digital force gauge, ideal for applications where the user is interested in basic peak force measurement such as the force necessary to push a button. This digital force gauge is available in 10 lbf, 50 lbf, 100 lbf and 200 lbf.

Attached to an MT test stand, this digital force gauge can measure the maximum tensile force applied before a cap comes off a spray can. The DFX II can measure the force necessary to open a door with the optional pistol grip attachment.

DFS II R ND Series Digital Force Gauges (Non-dedicated) – Interchangeable force or torque sensor up to 10,000 lbf or 200 in-lb

The DFS II R ND Series is a remote non-dedicated digital force gauge with an SLC load cell. When combining this digital force gauge with the STS Series of remote torque sensor, the digital force gauge becomes a torque measurement device offering the user the flexibility of having force and torque measurement in one single instrument.

Carry out torque measurement testing combining force gauge (DFS II) with a plug & play (automatic torque sensor (STS). STS Torque sensors offer force measurements (0.5Ibf to 500lbf / 2.5N to 2,500N, accuracy up to 0.1% of full scale (FS), input resistance of 1100 ohms ±100 & output resistance of 1000 ohms ±100. Both DFS II digital gauges and STS torque sensors are stocked at Labquip in Dublin for next day delivery through Ireland and Northern Ireland.

DFS II R Series Digital Force Gauges (Dedicated) – Choose from 2,5N to 5KN capacity load cell

The DFS-R II Series with dedicated remote load cell is ideal for applications requiring measurements in confined areas where the gage can’t fit. The gauge can be handheld or remotely mounted and the load cell placed where the load needs to be applied. This allows the gauge to be placed remotely where you need it for easy reading. All functions of the gauge will operate identically to a gage with an integral load cell.  Measurement accuracy is better than 0.1% full scale in integral load cell or dedicated remote models. All DFS II load cells are available with the addition of a 1,000 lbf (5KN) capacity.