Flyability Elios 3 – making the inspection world a safer place!!

Flyability Elios 3 is undoubtedly the market leader for confined space inspection.

The Elios 3 is Flyability’ s advanced indoor inspection and mapping drone – designed for safety and efficiency.

Flyability Elios 3
Flyability Elios 3

Equipped with the FlyAware™ SLAM engine, it offers stability and real-time 3D mapping. Its collision-resilient design and modular payload bay make it a very versatile tool for various industrial applications. With a 4k camera, thermal imaging and lidar data the Elios-3 is a must have for conducting difficult inspections in hard-to-reach areas.

Flyability’s Surveying payload also gives the operator advanced and precise data points that can now be recorded in areas that were previously impossible to reach. Culvert inspection and underground tanks can now be surveyed with great precision. The combined package of Ouster OS0-128 Rev 7 LiDAR, and a FARO Connect software license means that the operator can achieve an Effective Point Rate: 1,310,720pts/s with an accuracy of +/- 6 mm at 1 sigma. This means that 66% of the points measured are accurate to within 6 mm. 95% of the points are accurate to within 12 mm (2 sigma)

Flyability also has the option of a UT Payload. This is a first of its kind technology.  The fully adjustable Probe arm allows for full 360 degree UT inspection leaving no point of inspection inaccessible. The UT payload also has a cleaning module to ensure the surface is perfect for UT reading. When the UT Payload is combined with Asset Management™ software, it allows the operator to build a 3D map of the asset with all UT readings localized on the 3D map.

The call for increased data from asset owners is constantly growing. The benefits of the Elios 3 are clear and obvious; reduced inspection time (reduced cost therefore), data increased, and safety maximised.

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