e-zoom steREO Discovery model V20 with a 20:1 stepless zoom

Highly advanced steREO Discovery microscopes V12 & V20 from Zeiss, featuring a 12:1 & a 20:1 zoom respectively, resolving the very finest details effortlessly.

Designed for Optimal depth perception & maximum zoom range, the 20:1 zoom range delivers crisp sharp images from the largest overview to the finest high magnification details

Choose your precise magnifications or move to user defined zoom positions with e-zoom. Highly accurate stepping motors have surpassed what was previously achievable with finely milled metal components.

Integration of all motorised functions of the V12 into the Zeiss ZEN software, yielding effortless & reproducible measurement & documentation of your samples, whether they might be Drosophila, Zebrafish embryos, Stents or electronic circuit boards.

Use the remote SYCOP control panel to control all aspects of your microscope, never look away from your eyepieces & enjoy exceptional ease of use.


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