inverted microscopes
Zeiss range of encoded & motorised research grade inverted materials microscopes

Choose from the manual Axio Vert A1 or three different levels of automation & motorisation with the Axio Observer 3/5 & 7 range of stands

Axio Vert A1 is a manual inverted materials microscope using fast imaging with an encoded nosepiece guaranteeing automatic recognition of your objective. The Axio Vert A1 M allows the user to switch easily between optical techniques with the four-position reflector turret, brightfield, darkfield, polarisation or DIC & C-DIC.

Axio Observer 3/5 & 7 is a trilogy of inverted materials microscopes for your materials science research & industrial applications. Choose from three stands with different levels of automation & motorisation. Invest only in the features you need now with the option of upgrading your system later.

All optical techniques are supported by the various inverted microscopes, brightfield, darkfield, polarisation, differential interference contrast & fluorescence. A wide range of high-quality objective lenses allow you to select the optimum lenses for your material science application.

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