Zeiss encoded & motorised research grade upright microscopes

Choose from the manual/coded Axioscope 5 family, the X,Y,Z motorisation of the Axioscope 7 or the modularity, encoding & motorisation of the Axio Imager A2m

Axioscope 5 is a family of smart microscopes offering reflected & transmitted light applications, with a variety of optical techniques Brightfield, Darkfield, Polarisation, Circular DIC, Fluorescence. These microscopes automatically adjust brightness & white balance, press the ergonomic snap button on the frame & perfect digital images are captured easily.

Axioscope 7 features affordable high performance with outstanding usability & advanced automation, making this your perfect partner. A turnkey solution for your materials research & industrial metallography applications.

Encoded components & advanced light intensity management lets the Axioscope 7 deliver trustworthy, reproducible results.

Combine the modularity, encoding & motorisation of Axio Imager A2m with excellent optics for truly sensational polarised light imaging, Linkham hot/cold stages to investigate thermomicroscopy of your metals, crystals, ceramics, or plastics.

Configure Axio Imager Vario for large samples, analysing the very smallest MEMS right thru to XXL wafers or even flat screens.


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