Simple, straightforward quality assurance test for plastic.

Analysis of plastic by the IdentiPol

Lacerta Technology have developed a product called IdentiPol which allows for the following straightforward and efficient quality assurance test to be carried out on solid properties of plastic:

  • Identification of common plastics
  • Measuring stiffness, Delta T, Tan Delta
  • Showing polymer melting point (Tm), glass transition (Tg).
  • Melting point result can give a melt flow indication (MFi), MFi only for polyethylene and polypropylene.

The IdentiPol offers a cost-effective solution for plastics quality control.  The test allows you to identify the quality of the plastics you have on ‘pass/fail’ basis. This is achieved by the automated comparison of new batches of material against known ‘good’ batches to provide a quick assessment of incoming plastic, based on strength and melt.  The IdentiPol is specifically designed to work alongside the production line, to ensure that plastic raw material is of sufficient quality and consistency to previous batches, prior to processing.

The IdentiPol can be operated with no plastic knowledge as the results are scored on a scale of 0 to 10.

Speak with Labquip Sales to see how the IdentiPol could add cost effective quality assurance to your plastic production.

IndentiPol Brochure