Q4 Tasman Series 2

Q4 Tasman Series 2

Q4 Tasman Series 2

Q4 TASMAN Series 2 – Outstanding solution for all metal analysis needs

Optical Emission Spectrometers (OES) offers chemical analysis mostly used for Carbon and Nitrogen content.

When it comes to cast iron analysis, the Bruker Q4 Tasman (Series 2) is the master of accuracy and enables high quality elemental metal analysis.

Analytical Performance

  • Analytical Solution Packages (ASPs) are available for all ten common metal bases: Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Co, Pb, Sn, Zn, Mg, and Ti.
  • ASPs include full element sets, calibrations, alloy groups, and standardisation samples.

Which model to choose:

  • Q4 TASMAN 200 – Ideally suited for all non-ferrous applications. Elements in the UV range are typically not required.
  • Q4 TASMAN 170 – The choice for ferrous applications with important elements in the UV range such as C, P, S, As, Sn, and B.
  • Q4 TASMAN 130 – The most powerful variant, capable of analysing UV elements as above (C, P, S, As, Sn, and B) with the addition of nitrogen (N) in steel and oxygen (O) in copper.


  • Digital spark source in the Q4 TASMAN (Series 2) contributes to improved analytical precision and shorter test-to-result time.
  • Matrix-optimised, high-energy pre-sparking is applied to homogenise the sample surface, reducing matrix effects and increasing accuracy.
  • Optimised co-axial argon flow design in the spark stand delivers improved long-term stability with lower argon consumption.

Spark Stand

  • Flexibility built-in the low-maintenance spark stand is freely accessible from three sides and equipped with a large and robust sample stage.
  • Unique, pneumatically driven sample clamp supports sample heights of up to 120 mm while ensuring convenient sample handling with improved operational safety.

Elemental Suite:

  • Spark data for every channel, raw signals and statistical interpretation.


  • Two dedicated optical systems are used.
  • The innovative dual optics concept also allows the optimal choice between three variants to fulfil individual analytical needs.
  • Reduced cost of ownership due to low argon gas consumption.

Beyond Grade Libraries -Total Materia

  • SUITE optionally integrates today’s most comprehensive materials database Total Materia.
  • Access to more than 350,000 alloys from more than 75 countries/standards and is queried by a patented search algorithm.
  • Total Materia in addition to chemical compositions, also documents properties, like physical, chemical, mechanical, and metallurgical data, including suppliers and proprietary data sheets.

Sample preparation

Your test result and spark analysis is only as good as your sample preparation. Labquip can support you with OES sample grinders and consumables to achieve the best and most consistent OES process and results.

Please contact Labquip sales to learn more about Bruker’s OES equipment. Labquip specialise in OES elemental analysis equipment with specialist Sales and Service Engineers covering installation, user training, service and backup support throughout Ireland & Northern Ireland.