The Safety Solution for your HPLC Chromatography Laboratory

HPLC Vapours and gases from hazardous liquids can cause damage to your health.  Smart Healthy Caps and Smart Waste Caps minimise the escape of hazardous vapours and keep your containers sealed safely.

In a HPLC system there are two primary sources from which hazardous vapours can escape into the environment: Mobile Phase Bottles & HPLC Waste Solvent Containers.


Our Smart Healthy Caps can be used to minimise hazardous vapours entering the laboratory from mobile phase solvent bottles. They include an Air Check Valve which acts as a one-way valve. When the HPLC pump is drawing liquid into the instrument the Air Check Valve opens to allow air to enter the mobile phase solvent bottle to replace the displaced solvent. When the HPLC pump is not operating the Air Check Valve automatically closes meaning that solvent vapours cannot escape into the laboratory.

Air Check Valves have a service life of 1 year.

In addition to protecting your health Smart Healthy Caps also protect the quality of your mobile phase solvent. As there is no solvent evaporation this means there is no reduction in solvent concentration and no external contamination.


The second source from which hazardous vapours can enter the laboratory is from the HPLC waste solvent containers. To minimise these vapours, we can offer our Smart Waste Caps with Activated Carbon Filters. The activated carbon in the filter acts as an air scrubber and absorbs organic vapours as they pass through.

Smart Caps Activated Charcoal Filter FC-100 has a service life of 1 year.

We can also supply activated carbon filters that absorb volatile acids and volatile bases.

download brochure
Download brochure

All Smart Caps come with an e-mail renewal notification. Just before your Air Check Valves or Activated Carbon Filters are due to be changed you will receive an automatic reminder e-mail.

Labquip offer a FREE HPLC system survey to recommend the right Smart Healthy Caps and Smart Waste Caps for your systems and laboratory.

A chromatography specialist will call to your site with samples to advice the right products. You will then receive a full tailored quotation to make your HPLC systems safe from hazardous vapours. For more information about this service or to arrange a laboratory safety survey visit by Labquip contact us.