Halo Method Development Kit Promotion

We are pleased to offer our very special offer for the Halo method development kit.

You can purchase two Halo HPLC Columns and get the third FREE.

Halo offer a wide range of fused core HPLC columns that can offer comparable separations to UHPLC columns at a fraction of the back pressure. Therefore, they can be used on standard LC instruments and give UHPLC quality resolution.

As part of a method development kit, we are offering three columns for the price of two.

To avail of this offer you need to order three columns with different phases and matching length, diameter, and particle size. You then pay for two and get the third free.

Please see below an example of a 3 for 2 method development kit.

Example of a 3 for 2 method development kit

(Buy two and get the third free)

92812-602, Halo C18 100mm x 2.1mm, 2.7um

92812-622, Halo AQ-C18 100mm x 2.1mm, 2.7um

92812-608, Halo C8 100mm x 2.1mm, 2.7um

Phases available with this offer include the following:

Small Molecule Columns: AQ-C18, C18, C8, C30, Phenyl-Hexyl, Biphenyl, PFP, ES-CN, RP-Amide, HILIC, Penta-HILIC

Protein Columns: C4, ES-C18, Diphenyl

Peptide Columns: ES-C18, ES-CN, Phenyl-Hexyl

Glycan Column: Halo Glycan

This offer is valid until September 30th, 2021.

Please contact Anthony Sweet at anthony@labquip.ie or 087 237 4288 for further information or a quotation.