Purpose Built X-Ray Cabinets

X-Ray inspection is a powerful technique but cannot be used without the correct safety cabinet. Labquip supplies purpose-built lead-lined x-ray enclosures/cabinets for x-ray inspection and offers annual services inspection to ensure full compliance and safety.

If you are looking to upgrade your current x-ray cabinet, it may be possible to integrate your existing x-ray equipment. There are standard cabinets available from Labquip, and it is also possible for us to custom-build you a cabinet for specific project requirements with automation.

A variety of accessories can be added, such as viewing panels, internal webcams, motion stages, and anti-vibration tabletop.

A full range of X-ray cabinets (from small benchtop to large with loading crane) can also be used in the laboratory or workshop floor to conduct radiographic experiments and test evaluations.

Labquip has implemented many turnkey X-ray solutions into Ireland’s MedTech industry. We also supply local service trained engineers for prompt call-out visits.

Get in touch with Labquip to discuss your testing requirements and to find out more.