Handheld PMI (Positive Material Identification) for non-destructive elemental analysis to provide verification of metal alloy composition

Easy, fast & accurate testing of stainless-steel rod using a Bruker S1 Titan 500 (XRF gun) to ensure the material is exactly as specified.

Bruker’s S1 TITAN model 500 (Ti-U) and 500s/800 (Mg-U) offer lab-based quality in a portable instrument for identifying exact alloy elemental analysis. The unit enables a one-button-press for fast and accurate material identification.

The use of handheld XRF units (other names include XRF gun, PMI gun, portable XRF, pXRF, x-ray test, scrap tester, handheld elemental analysis, metal identity gun) typically:

  • Avoids any potential material mix up.
  • Avoids costly reworks.
  • Avoids the failure of critical components.
  • Ensures that the correct material is used.
  • Identifies the presence of restricted materials
  • Identifies material generally

Eleven reasons why a Bruker handheld XRF S1 TITAN is a good investment:

  • Lab based quality is provided in a portable battery-powered instrument.
  • A permanent TITAN Detector Shield protects against costly detector puncture with a lifetime Bruker manufacturer’s warranty against punctures.
  • The unit build is of premium quality.
  • The unit has proven durability and longevity
  • Material quality is identified on a Pass/Fail, Grade ID & Chemistry mode.
  • Impressive detection capabilities are included.
  • Automatic reporting is provided as standard.
  • A Bruker approved repair, service & re-certification centre is provided in Dublin.
  • An exceptional radiation safety performance is guaranteed.
  • High temperature usage is standard.
  • A cutting-edge Graphene window Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) is included.

Labquip specialises in handheld XRF with onsite demonstration throughout Ireland & Northern Ireland, together with user training, service and backup support.

Please feel free to contact Labquip to get more information or to arrange a demonstration of the Bruker S1 Titan on your samples.