Handheld PMI (Positive Material Identification) for non-destructive elemental analysis to provide verification of metal alloy composition


Easy, fast & accurate testing of stainless-steel rod using a Bruker S1 Titan 500 (XRF gun) to ensure the material is exactly as specified.

Bruker’s S1 TITAN model 500 (Ti-U) and 500s/800 (Mg-U) offer lab-based quality in a portable instrument for identifying exact alloy elemental analysis. The unit enables a one-button-press for fast and accurate material identification.

The use of handheld XRF units (other names include XRF gun, PMI gun, x-ray test, scrap tester, handheld elemental analysis, metal identity gun) typically:

  • Avoids any potential material mix up.
  • Avoids costly reworks.
  • Avoids the failure of critical components.
  • Ensures that the correct material is used.
  • Identifies the presence of restricted materials
  • Identifies material generally

Eleven reasons why a Bruker handheld XRF S1 TITAN is a good investment:

  • Lab based quality is provided in a portable battery-powered instrument.
  • A permanent TITAN Detector Shield protects against costly detector puncture with a lifetime Bruker manufacturer’s warranty against punctures.
  • The unit build is of premium quality.
  • The unit has proven durability and longevity
  • Material quality is identified on a Pass/Fail, Grade ID & Chemistry mode.
  • Impressive detection capabilities are included.
  • Automatic reporting is provided as standard.
  • A Bruker approved repair, service & re-certification centre is provided in Dublin.
  • An exceptional radiation safety performance is guaranteed.
  • High temperature usage is standard.
  • A cutting-edge Graphene window Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) is included.

Please feel free to contact Labquip sales to see the Bruker S1 Titan for yourself on your application at your premises.

Labquip specialises in handheld XRF with onsite demonstration throughout Ireland & Northern Ireland, together with user training, service and backup support.