Benchtop XRF

Laboratory X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) For Quick, Accurate Results That You Can Rely On.

Labquip supply a full range of leading Bruker X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) systems for elemental analysis in process and quality control.  Both ED and WD. The major benefit of using XRF as your chosen analytical technique is to perform elemental analysis on all kinds of samples – liquids, solids or loose powders can all be analysed. Large samples can be loaded, up to 6” (152 mm) in diameter in size. – There are different inserts for different sample sizes.

S2 PUMA Series 2 – High-End, Versatile Benchtop EDXRF which has interchangeable sample trays.

Spot size can be trimmed, with superb spatial resolution. Excellent spatial resolution is needed to measure multiple positions on samples and to see how homogenous the sample is.

Bruker S2 PUMA XRF is highly accurate with simple and fast sample preparation for the analysis of elements from Beryllium (Be) to Uranium (U) covering concentration range from 100 % down to the sub-ppm-level.

The Bruker S2 Puma achieves short measurement times and renowned detection limits.

Key features include

  • HighSenseTM technology for increasing throughput by approximately a factor of 3x. The direct excitation beam path of the instrument ensures complete utilisation of the 50 W power of the X-ray tube and improves the excitation of every element in the sample. The high-count rate, high resolution XFlash silicon drift detector (SDD) further improves the performance of the instrument and records sample spectra in HD mode.
  • SPECTRA.ELEMENTSTM comes with enhanced features and faster algorithms, leading to ~40% shorter evaluation times and the new version of the software comes with optional add-ons such as the 21 CFR Part 11-compliance version for working in FDA-regulated industries.
  • Intuitive TouchControlTM user interface, 12.1” touch screen.
  • EasyLoadTM 20-position XY sample tray.
  • Safely add a sample at any stage of the analysis with isolated inter-locked analysis without interruption.

Labquip (Ireland) Limited is proud to supply & service Bruker XRD equipment to provide a range of solutions for your application within Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Please contact us to discuss your application requirements.

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