Computed Tomography
Cast aluminium part imaged using phoenix v|tome|x m 300 CT with porosity defect recognition

Computed tomography (CT) is non-destructive technique using 360° x-ray on parts and assemblies for a full 3D reconstruction which can be examined layer by layer

Waygate Technologies phoenix range of computed tomography (CT) scanning use x-rays (minifocus, microfocus and nanofocus options) to produce 3D virtual reconstruction of the scanned object for the complete internal and external 3D examination. X-rays are directed at individual parts or assemblies to capture precise images of all internal and external components. The part for inspection is rotated a full 360 degrees. During the scan images are captured virtually on a digital detector and the computer linked to the detector then calculates volume and distances of the article being inspected. These images are constructed into a precise 3D virtual reconstruction of the scanned article or assembly.

Waygate Technologies impressive image quality range comes into a league of it’s own when tested. Waygate Technologies phoenix range of CT systems are renowned for:

  • Proprietary manufactured x-ray tube and digital detectors for industrial inspection use
  • X-ray penetration power and beam hardening
  • Image quality
  • Premium build quality
  • System for material analysis
  • Production based CT systems for high throughput
  • Metrology capabilities exceeding standards
  • Dual x-ray tubes with automatic nano/micro focus x-ray tube adjustment,
  • Granite base
  • scatter|correct technology (scatter reduction for image sharpness)
  • Versatility from high density to low absorbing parts and assemblies

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computed tomography