Syringe Filters

Syringe filters are used for filtration of suspended matter from samples prior to analysis.

Syringe Filters

This technique minimises the contamination of sensitive instrumentation by solid impurities. The process thus increases the lifetime of the chromatographic columns and equipment.

Labquip supply Chromafil syringe filters for this purpose. We stock a variety of materials, pore sizes and diameters.

Standard CHROMAFIL syringe filters are colour coded. CHROMAFIL Xtra syringe filters are labelled for method validation and certification.

All CHROMAFIL syringe filters are autoclavable (121 °C and 1.1 bar for 30 min).

CHROMAFIL syringe filters possess distinct benefits in use:

  • Different membrane types to meet multiple filtration needs
  • Low content of extractable compounds
  • Fast flow geometry for easy filtration
  • Low hold-up volume for maximum filtrate recovery
  • HPLC certified

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