Zeiss Apo chromatically corrected stereo microscopes for Inspection & QC
Zeiss Apo chromatically corrected stereo microscopes for Inspection & QC

Robust, durable, modular solutions to your imaging Inspection needs, the Stemi 508 & the steREO Discovery V8.

Apochromatic Stereo microscopes for high resolution & high colour contrast images, configurable with auxiliary lenses, coarse & fine focus modules, binocular for eyepiece viewing only or trinocular for documentation/live image display & a range of LED lighting & microscope stand options.

They features an 8:1 zoom range, click stops for reproducible magnification settings & Apochromatic optics for high resolution & high contrast colour images. Documentation port for all Zeiss cameras with live image streaming to monitors.

Auxiliary lenses for long working distance larger fields of view & high power lenses for applications requiring fine detail. Long life LED illumination options to fit all application needs.

Fits onto a range of laboratory, manufacturing assembly & shop floor style stands making it very flexible for a range of applications. Repeatability high quality microscopes for manufacturing & quality control.


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