ERESCO MF4 Portable X-ray Generators

Portable X-Ray Generator

The ERESCO MF4 Portable X-ray Generators range is fully flexible in order to handle the most challenging inspection tasks.

The ERESCO MF4 range is a line of portable X-ray devices that has been designed for harsh environments. Its lightweight design combined with carrying rings and an even more compact and robust tube design makes on-site inspections an easy task.

Special power electronics allow for alternative settings and operation in the field and integration with crawler carriers.  The ergonomic digital control with its new graphical display is easy and safe to operate with clear text messages and an exposure calculator.

ERESCO is suitable for inspections, even in challenging environments such as rain (IP 65) or high temperatures (100% duty cycle at 30°C/86°F ambient temperature).

Low power consumption keeps the unit’s energy cost low and makes operations with portable power supplies an easy thing to do. ERESCO can reduce exposure times up to 50% due to its unique power mode compared to other portables, leading to impressively fast and economical on-site inspections.

What makes the ERESCO different from other portable X-ray generators?

  • ERESCO uses metal ceramic tube inserts with improved lifetime and robustness.
  • ERESCO operates with medium frequency technology to provide a clean high-power DC output that leads to the best penetration power and reduced exposure times.
  • ERESCO uses a separate filament transformer that allows driving current throughout the whole power range of the tube, leading to a maximized dose up to 10 mA. This reduces exposure times and improves imaging contrast.
  • ERESCO technology is designed to provide an extended energy range, starting from 5 – 300 kV in l kV steps. This allows flexibility in the application, enabling the user to work with the same instrument on low absorption materials and high absorption materials.
  • ERESCO uses an application specific range of accessories designed to minimize setup times, optimize workflow (allows process-oriented users to automate inspection steps), repeatability of setup, and optimized inspection with the best probability of detection.
  • The control includes a full exposure calculation tool that allows quick calculation of exposure parameters on various material and films.

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