Computed Radiography
GE CR radiograph of a welded plate with IQI (image quality indicator). Meeting & exceeding the highest weld standards (EN Class B) using GE CRx Vison & IPS phosphor imaging plates.

Computed radiography (CR) tests materials non-destructively to create a 2D image of the internal features such as welded joints or internal component checking.

X-ray strips back the layers under the surface non-destructively for use by quality control. Revealing the inner details exhibits the presence of any internal defects which may become problematic long after the finished goods have left the manufacturing site or when in use after time, which has the potential to cause issue and reputational damage.

Computed radiography (CR) is available in rigid (CRx Flex) or flexible (CRx Vision) format cassettes to replicate film processes. CR can be used with gamma or X-ray exposure. CR from Waygate Technologies is highly acclaimed for meeting and exceeding international casting, weld, aerospace and medical device standards.

CR is the digitalisation from film chemistry. Speak with Labquip sales on the best fit for your progress away from film or indeed introducing CR into your quality control checks.