Labquip Ireland supply Waygate Technologies specialised remote visual inspection set ups – such as PTZ cameras and Crawler robots

Remote Visual Inspection
3D Software mapping out a tank inspection using 3D LOC

Visual inspections are by far the most performed industry inspection. The PTZ HD30 is a powerful industrial graded inspection camera for remote visual inspections.The camera is equipped with a 30x optical zoom which allows it to get very sharp footage even from great distances. The image quality is full HD and comes with noise reduction and de-fog features. The light LED output outperforms any other inspection camera on the market.


Mobile inspection and maintenance robotics is a fast growing industrial market. One of the main advantages of mobile robots is that they can reach locations inaccessible to humans because of size constraints, temperature, immersion in liquids or safety reasons.

Certified and experienced engineers today enter and “look” at the predefined locations to take pictures for reporting. Beside very expensive organizational issues such as watchmen and ventilation this procedure is very dangerous for the human experts.

In this framework, the BIKE inspection robot has been developed. The BIKE platform is a magnetic wheeled robot capable, for example, of inspecting power plant facilities and multiple applications in the oil & gas industries, such as vessel or pipe inspections.

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