The XL Detect series of video borescopes provides an unmatched image quality together with powerful light output to boost the probability of detection

XL Detect+ model

The XL Detect/Detect+ VideoProbes (other names include VideoProbe, borescope, scope, industrial endoscope, videoscope, fibrescope and RVI -Remote Visual Inspection) are high quality video borescopes with renowned build quality.

The XL Detect+ now features an upgraded larger 5″ LCD screen (from 3.7”) in a portable, and easy-to-use device. It makes the unit very attractive for inspections in Pharma and Aviation because True colour allows the user to see the real image of the defects.

There is an extensive range of borescope probe length and diameter options supplied. Lengths of 2m to more than 10m are available on reqest together with diameters of 3.9mm, 4mm, 6.1mm and 8.4mm.

Various interchangeable tip optics (forward or side viewing with a depth of field and field of view options) are also available. Labquip can work these options with its customers in order to create a custom package tailored for user needs.

Where can I use it?:

  • Weld inspection
  • Aviation visual inspections
  • Pharma construction phase (quality control of orbital welds)
  • Pharma plant operation Clean-in-Place (CIP) pipe inspections
  • Detailed heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) examinations
  • Examination of confined spaces
  • Small vessel inspections
  • Quality control of orbital weld joints (true colour)
  • Medical device examinations of internal areas
  • Maintenance examinations of critical equipment
  • Wind turbine gearbox inspections
  • Power generation asset inspections

Why should I use it?:

  • To inspect difficult to reach areas without asset tear down
  • To avoid asset contamination
  • To check asset integrity
  • To identify issues before starting manufacturing product runs
  • To identify contaminates
  • To reduce the probability of equipment failures at demanding times

Unbeatable design and pedigree

The XL Detect/Detect+ VideoProbes offer user-friendly quality borescopes with unique hands-free mounting features and a complete integrated unit.

The renowned Everest/GE/Waygate borescope has been designed and built for industrial inspection use, with one handed operation leaving the second hand free to control the probe.

The XL Detect/Detect+ VideoProbes all have video and still image picture capability, which saves directly onto internal memory or onto USB keys (8GB supplied).

All probes are built with Servo motor All-Way* Probe articulation. Integrated temperature warning systems help avoid hot areas that cause damage.  IP55 (Detect) / IP65 (Detect+). A complete hard shell carry case is supplied together with probe reel in order to enable safe storage of the probe.

Fantastic features included as standard

  • Advanced Inverse+ (Negative image to differentiate defects).
  • TrueSight Imaging for cutting-edge HD image quality.
  • Colour saturation adjustment – in order to confirm/check border line weld colour indications.
  • Two or (optional) four-hour Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries.
  • Interchangeable tip optics for the area of interest, containing secure double threads.
  • Hard shell carry case all with a case probe reel in order for safe probe stow away.

Book your demonstration now

The XL Detect family are market leading borescopes which really need to demonstrated and witnessed in order to see their true value.

Contact Labquip today for a free demonstration of the XL Detect borescope – on your application, at your premises and according to your specific needs.

Labquip specialises in high end video borescopes with onsite demonstrations throughout Ireland & Northern Ireland, also providing user training, service and backup support.

* XL Detect/Detect+ replace and upgrade the renowned XL Lv, XL Lv+, XL Vu, XL Vu+, XL Go and XL Go+ to this XL series.