Mentor UT – Simple, Secure and Bespoke

Mentor UT guided workflow/apps for phased array inspection

The latest Mentor UT (Ultrasonic Testing) from Waygate Technologies saves you time and human error, offering high resolution ultrasonic array of attenuative materials (mostly metals and composite) for examination of possible internal defects.

Mentor UT‘s ground-breaking feature allows an experience user to write the inspection procedure on a PC (Mentor Create) and to then roll it out onto the instrument with step-by step-instructions for inspectors.

The Mentor UT thus saves time and reduces the risk of human error as the inspection can be initially standardised by an experienced inspector and subsequently used by others with assured repeatability and elimination of human error.

Furthermore, the Mentor UT allows the user to buy only the required hardware and software specific to their inspection needs with no restrictions on future add-ons – therefore keeping costs to a minimum.

Please contact Labquip to assess the Mentor UT for yourself and to see how a customised workflow can both simplify and combine your own testing procedures with the actual inspections.