Primotech polarising microscope & Axiolab 5 routine laboratory microscope

Two families of routine compound upright microscopes for your day to day laboratory works in Materials, Geosciences or Life Sciences

Choose from a family of four Primotech microscopes designed with intuitive controls & ease of use for Metallurgy, Electronics, Geoscience & Education.

Primotech MAT for reflected light, Primotech D/A , for reflected & transmitted light, Primotech D/A Pol for polarisation analysis & Primotech D/Pol purely for Conoscopy.

Choose from a family of Axiolab 5 microscopes designed for routine microscopy whether you work in Materials Science, Geosciences or Life Sciences.

Axiolab 5 for routine laboratory work in clinical life sciences, Pathology, Histology, Microbiology, Haematology or Cytology.

Axiolab 5 Pol for routine laboratory work in Geosciences & Axiolab 5 MAT for Materials Science

Compact & ergonomic design saves space & makes for easy handling. Smart microscopy concept gives you auto scaling on images, standalone operation (no PC), saving time & money.

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