Swiss Precision for Best Illumination

Labquip’s partners with FiberOptic-Heim AG, specialists in fiber optic lighting with light guides.  It is a Swiss family company, founded in 1971. From the outset the company specialized in the processing of optical glass fibers for industrial lighting and sensors. All products are manufactured and developed in Switzerland.

Compact LED cold light source


The LQ LED S is the model that Labquip has supplied to many factories around Ireland. It is a compact and lightweight cold light source featuring LED technology.

The key benefits of this model are

  • Continuous brightness control with separate on/off switch.
  • The brightness is equivalent to an 80 Watt halogen light source.
  • There is no noise and no vibration.
  • No lamp replacement is needed(≥ 50,000 Hrs)
  • The operating costs are low

The customer can choose to pair fiber optic light sources with flexible or gooseneck light guides or also ring lights – depending on the application.

Fibre optics are very diverse and can be used in many different applications.


Fibre optics are very diverse and can be used in many different applications.

Microscope Illumination

For microscope lighting with top performance, the GENIFOS® range is the latest release from FiberOptic Heim.

The GENIFOS® range is known for its superior illumination, its wide working distance and segmentation into quarter, half and eighth circles of the ring light. The control units have compact housing and control elements that allow intuitive operation. In addition, the control units have ESD connections for electrostatically sensitive applications. In addition, the smart mounting solution makes the GENIFOS® range compatible with all microscopes.

GENIFOS Lighting – The perfect light for every requirement
GENIFOS Control Units – For perfect lighting control

Over the last 50 years, FiberOptic-Heim have supplied thousands of illumination products into universities, manufacturing sites, laboratories and they are known for being innovative, reliability and high-quality.

Please get in touch with us at Labquip to discuss your illumination requirements, and we will be happy to support you.