Pure Titanium, Grade 2, Under polarised light with sensitive tint plate

Metallography is the science of revealing and evaluating the internal structures of materials, for both quality control and research & development.

Labquip offer a complete range of exclusive metallographic sample preparation equipment and consumables. We proudly represent Metkon sample preparation equipment for cutting, mounting, and grinding/polishing your samples, working harmoniously with the highest quality Akasel consumables.

Metkon equipment offers consistent process performance, product durability & continuous design innovation. It is feature rich at an affordable price.

Akasel is a specialist Danish manufacturer dedicated to developing, producing, and distributing high-quality metallographic consumables worldwide through it’s dedicated partners. They develop optimised preparation methods for metallography, striving to make sample preparation more convenient, sustainable & affordable for material scientists/metallurgists. Labquip are their exclusive, specialist distributor in Ireland & Northern Ireland. Maintaining an extensive stock in Dublin which is available for next day delivery throughout Ireland. We have extensive metallography and supply management knowledge to assist you.

Sample preparation is optimised & the time taken minimised by matching application specific consumables with the appropriate piece of preparation equipment to reveal the true, optical structure of your material/materials. To facilitate this there is a dedicated, highly experienced sales engineer at Labquip for metallography, who is available to support your needs.

Below please find one example method card (Aka-brief) to allow metallographers to make use of tried, tested and globally renowned methods in order to achieve the optimised metallographic sample presentation.

You will also find both the Metkon metallographic equipment brochure and Akasel metallographic consumables catalogue. A priced version of the Akasel metallographic consumables catalogue is available on request. Please contact us for a consultative quotation in order to accurately capture your exact material science (metallurgy) needs.