A portable XRF TRACER 5 for all kinds of researchers, giving fast and accurate readings on site or in your lab, from nutrients in soil through to art and artefacts

Tracer 5g
Tracer 5g in portable desktop stand mode

Bruker’s TRACER 5g with a new graphene window has approximately three times the sensitivity of the previous generation TRACER. The TRACER 5g is the only handheld XRF that can detect elements as light as fluorine, with one of the lowest level detection limits available today.

The TRACER 5 offers lab-based quality in a portable instrument for identifying elements from Fluorine to Uranium for non-destructive elemental analysis. It provides verification of a variety of applications, including metal alloy composition, soil, glass, obsidian, mudrock and many others.

EasyCal software package for empirical user calibration is provided with Bruker’s Tracer model

Leading features of the TRACER 5 family:

  • 50kV-4W Rh target X-ray source
  • Ability to completely control the current and voltage
  • SDD detector with 1 μm Graphene window for the ultimate light element performance
  • Selectable measurement spot size 3 mm or 8 mm
  • Helium purge and optional portable vacuum pump
  • 5 position automatic filter changer
  • Manual filter / secondary target option
  • Integrated processor and data storage
  • Interactive touch screen display
  • Internal camera for exact positioning and aiming
  • Live spectra directly on the TRACER 5 and on PC
  • PC Connectivity: Wi-Fi or wired USB
  • Wi-Fi and USB connectivity

Ten benefits from the Bruker TRACER 5:

  • Lab based quality in a portable battery powered instrument
  • Premium build quality
  • ARTAX™ software for advanced XRF spectral analysis with remote control of instrument
  • EasyCal™ software for off-line user created single phase/beam empirical calibrations
  • Impressive detection capabilities providing one of the lowest detection limits on the market
  • Designed to support researchers
  • Automatic reporting
  • Access to Bruker approved repair, service & re-certification centre in Dublin
  • Exceptional radiation safety performance
  • Cutting-edge Graphene window Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)

Please feel free to contact us to see the Bruker TRACER for yourself on your application at your premises. Labquip specialise in handheld XRF with onsite demonstration throughout Ireland & Northern Ireland, user training, service and backup support.