Bruker CS/ONH Analysers for Outstanding Performance with Industry Proven Usability.

Bruker Combustion Gas Analysis (CGA) and Inert Gas Fusion (IGF) equipment provides fast and reliable determination of Carbon (C), Sulfur (S) – CGA and Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N) and Hydrogen (H) – IGF.

CGA and IGF are volumetric methods allowing the analysis of the entire sample mass.  Neither technique is limited by concentration ranges and can analyse from sub-ppm level up to 100%.

Elemental Analysis – Carbon and Sulfur Analysis by Combustion Video

Bruker CGA and IGF systems outperform conventional combustion analysers in analytical precision and accuracy. These systems include innovative technology including HighSenseTM LED-powered detectors.  HighSenseTM is based on Non-Dispersive UV (NDUV) absorption photometry for Sulfur detection which delivers 10 times better signal-to-noise ratio and a linear dynamic range of 5 orders of magnitude with no spectral or thermal interference when compared to conventional combustion analysers.

CGA and IGF Bruker systems are easy to maintain and time efficient therefore increasing productivity.  ZoneProtectTM technology ensures clean, efficient combustion. Integrated automatic cleaning by ZoneProtect reduces cycle times to below one minute, and therefore increases sample throughput and repeatability.

Bruker is always pushing the boundaries of CS/ONH-Analysis pairing a mass spectrometer to the carrier gas hot extraction analyser G4 PHOENIX DH.

Additive Manufacturing is one of the interesting applications for ONH Analysers. The metal powders must be highly pure and have specific particle properties to ensure finished product quality. Metal powders are susceptible to “aging” by oxidation/moisture. Oxygen and hydrogen content dominating the yield rate and product quality.


  • Additive manufacturing
  • Cement, lime, limestone, clays
  • Ferroalloys
  • Titanium, zirconium and alloys
  • Aluminium and alloys
  • Coal, coke, fly ash
  • Catalysts
  • Iron, steel, cast iron
  • Ores, minerals, glass

A wide range of consumables for CS/ONH analysers such as:

  • Crucibles
  • Combustion tubes
  • Standard samples

Labquip (Ireland) Limited is proud to supply & service Bruker CS (Combustion Gas Analysis) & ONH (Inert Gas Fusion) elemental equipment to provide a range of solutions for use in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Please contact us to discuss your application requirements.

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